Why InCore ?

Leadership in Open Source Processors - from one of the pioneers of the RISC-V movement

Founded by members of Team Shakti

Enabling Innovation

Agile Dev

Open Source Cores

Our commitment to open source goes back over 3 decades and we leverage our academic roots to create an extensive open source based RISC-V core portfolio. Our drive for leadership in RISC-V innovation is anchored on the bedrock principle of open source and the ethos of intellectual commons.

Agile Dev

Lightning fast solution realization at the least possible cost - we leverage cutting edge open source tools and methodologies to give our customers a state of the art agile dev environment

Strong Partner Network

InCore partners with leading companies to provide IP blocks, product design services, tools and foundry services - allowing our customers to relaize optimal designs with minimal time to market.

IP and Services

Beyond standard Processor IPs - InCore provides customization services for cores, fabrics, Peripheral IPs and SoCs to realize the optimal SoC

Hassle Free Migration to RISC-V

RISCoVering Oppurtunities

Core Customization

Truly customize the cores for area, power and/or performance through our Agile Dev environment. Optimal solutions at minimal turn-around time.

SoC Customization

Choose from a variety of standard SoC templates or build your own custom SoC using our portfolio of verified and proven peripheral/system IPs.

Robust Verification

Leverage our novel and cutting edge UVM based python verification framework to verify components of a single-module all the way to complex SoCs.

Physical Design

Experience a single point support from concept design all the way to volume silicon for all your RISC-V needs through our partner network.

Software Support

Each RISC-V custom solution comes with a full software stack support - custom device drivers, OS ports/BSPs, optimized application stacks.

Chromite Core Generators

From YAML to RTL

Low Power Embedded

Area and Power Optimized - MEMS Sensors, Power management, Digital motor control, Low-power MCUs, wearable devices.

Industrial RTOS

Balanced PPA - Ideal for high-performance embedded RTOS applications in transportation and industrial automation.

Linux Systems

Performance Optimized - Suitable for Linux devices like Networking CPE, POS terminals and thin clients

SoC Components


Bus protocols - AXI4, AXI4-Lite, AHB, etc. Bus-topologies - Crossbar, Tree, Star and NoC. Optimized bridges that account for variable data-size, clock and protocols


Choose from a variety of crypto-accelerators - AES, DES, SHA and RSA for your next secure solution.


Silicon and FPGA proven system and peripheral IPs: DMA, QSPI, SPI, PWM, WDT, SDRAM , PLIC, UART, I2C

Customized Solutions

Customize your Solutions End-to-End

Silicon Proven IP blocks

Choose from a wide variety of silicon proven IP available from InCore and our partner network

Domain Specific Architectures

Go beyond RISC-V - Build highly optimized solutions from ground-up, using our domain specific accelerator framework to create custom IP blocks.

Agile SoC Generation

Leverage InCore's propreitary Agile SoC framework to enable quick validation of design choices and rapid prototyping.

Core Verification

Python framework based comprehensive test-suites with directed and coverage driven random tests.

Peripheral & SoC Verification

Industrial standard UVM-based testbench, reuse block level VIPs at system level

Foundry Access

InCore has partnerships with major foundries, with access to nodes from 180nm to 7nm

InCore Partner Network

Academic Partner

ASIC/HW design, Embedded Systems, IP & Manufacturing

ASIC Design and Verification IP

Graphics & Media IP

Tools Partner

ASIC Design

Leadership Team

Neel Gala


Gautam Doshi

(Chief Architect)

Arjun Menon

(Chief Engineer)

Lavanya Jagan

(VP Verification)

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No 8, Dr. VSI Estate

RG Salai

Chennai TN 600041, India