Through our revolutionary design methodology, we introduce a significant level of automation to the processor and SoC design process


Halve the time to working silicon


faster Design cycles


Lower Verification costs


Compatible with existing methodologies

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Our Vision

At InCore, our vision is to emerge as a global pioneer in processor design and innovation, setting new standards with pioneering RISC-V-based solutions. We aspire to redefine the landscape of processor architecture, creating highly optimized, efficient, and customizable systems that cater to diverse applications in our dynamic world, shaping the future of technology.

Our Mission

At InCore, our mission is to leverage the versatility of RISC-V architecture alongside our proprietary core generators and domain-specific hardware accelerators to provide unmatched performance and efficiency. We're committed to delivering end-to-end solutions, encompassing design, development, and manufacturing coordination, to meet our customers' unique requirements. With a focus on redefining the SoC design and development process, we aim to pioneer a new era in technology advancement.

The InCore Difference

At InCore, we don't just build processors and SoCs; we redefine their conception and realization. Our innovative design approach distinguishes us, and we eagerly share this vision with our customers. RISC-V represents more than an open ISA to us; it symbolizes a paradigm shift in processor architecture, which we leverage with our team's expertise to craft optimized cores and SoC designs at the forefront of innovation. Our revolutionary design methodology introduces automation to streamline processes, yielding optimal designs with fewer bugs and simplified verification. Beyond design, we offer comprehensive support for turnkey chip solutions, including software SDKs, application assistance, and manufacturing coordination, leveraging cutting-edge packaging technology like chiplets to deliver holistic solutions to our customers' requirements.

Our Values


We believe continuous innovation drives boundaries of processor design forward.


We craft custom solutions through customer-centric collaboration, fostering enduring relationships for mutual success.


Quality is our cornerstone. We deliver reliable solutions, setting new industry standards through meticulous bug reduction and streamlined verification.


In a dynamic tech world, adaptability is vital. With RISC-V Core-hubs and hardware accelerators, we swiftly offer tailored solutions amid market shifts

Customer Success

Customer Success is our priority. We provide comprehensive support, ensuring seamless integration and deployment of our solutions from chip design to application development.

History of our company

Tracing Our Milestones and Achievements Through the Years

SHAKTI was born

  • Team chose to adopt RISC-V.
  • SHAKTI Tape-outs on Intel 22nm FFL and SCL 180 nm
  • Completely Open Source

InCore is Registered

With an aim to commercialize Shakti and offer RISC-V solutions

  • IGCAR Adopts Shakti
  • ISRO Adopts Shakti

InCore releases Chromite SoC

National Level Microprocessor challenge initiates around SHAKTI


InCore releases RiVer Core Verification Framework

Incore funded by PeakXV partners

Prime investment by


Incore's team has sowed the seeds of India's dream for indigenous processors with Project Shakti at IIT Madras and are well-renowned experts in the R&D and industrial corridors. It is rare to come by a team of this calibre going after such an audacious mission. We are excited to partner with them on this journey.