The RISC-V Processor IP Portfolio Revolutionizing the Industry

Importance of Core-Hub Generators

Why InCore's Processor IP Portfolio is Your Ultimate Choice

Unmatched Versatility

InCore's core generators cater to a diverse range of applications, from high-performance to power and area optimized embedded processors

Fully RISC-V Compatible

Rest assured knowing that InCore's processor designs are fully compatible with the RISC-V ecosystem, ensuring seamless integration.

Exceptional Customization

Our highly configurable and parameterized core generators enable the creation of tailor-made processors, fine-tuned to your specific requirements

Comprehensive Solutions

InCore's Processor IP Portfolio covers a vast array of applications, from embedded systems to application-level cores, providing end-to-end solutions for your processor design needs.

The Azurite Core-Hub

Empowering Embedded and Real-Time Applications
Unleash the power of our Azurite Core Generator, designed to generate cores for embedded and real-time applications. Covering a wide range of applications equivalent to ARM’s M0-M4, Azurite is perfect for various applications, including sensor fusion, wearables, motor control, smart IoT, and analog mixed-signal. With InCore's Azurite Core Generator, you can develop more optimal solutions in a myriad of industrial domains.
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The Calcite Core-Hub

Balancing Power and Performance forApplication-Class Cores
Meet the Calcite Core Generator, our solution for generating application-level cores that are Linux-capable. Calcite delivers an unparalleled balance between power and performance, making it ideal for numerous applications such as networking, point-of-sale terminals, augmented reality, virtual reality, and more. Choose InCore's Calcite Core Generator to unlock next-level efficiency and power in your application projects.
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