1. Custom SoC design
    • InCore’s RISC-V expertise combined with trusted partners, for turnkey SoC delivery. From precise specification to ASIC production, we transform your vision into reality.
  2. IP sourcing
    • InCore’s robust IP portfolio encompasses RISC-V processors, complemented by partners, with a large peripheral IP stack, backed by functional safety certifications, a comprehensive software stack, and FPGA-tested and validated IPs
  3. Design process
    • From concept to execution, we ensure end-to-end excellence. Our design process spans SoC definition to FPGA prototyping, PD, verification, GDS-II, MPW, and rigorous testing.
  4. Manufacturing process
    • From silicon tape-out to packaging and PCB assembly, we and our partners deliver a seamless experience from fabrication to final product delivery.

Reference SoC portfolio

InCore in conjunction with our partners have developed reference SoC designs using our PPA optimised core-hubs. Please contact InCore sales and we’ll put you in touch with our partners.

BLDC Motor Control
IP camera
Electricity Meters
Mil Grade Controllers
Automotive Controllers
Truly Wireless Speakers
Media Application Processors

Reference SoC Resources

  1. Energy meters
    • The ultimate solution for metering devices, powered by industry-leading Azurite series RISC-V CPUs. Featuring 24-bit ΔΣ A/D converters for precise power metrology, enhanced security with secure boot and tamper detection, and AES cipher engines for data encryption.
  2. IP cameras
    • Elevate your security devices with InCore’s heterogeneous, workload-optimized CPU complex enabling differentiation at the application level. Benefit from robust security features like secure boot and tamper detection, along with AES cipher engines for enhanced privacy.
  3. Enhanced Industrial Controller
    • This cutting-edge SoC features InCore’s renowned Azurite RISC-V CPUs in a unique heterogeneous configuration for maximum performance efficiency. It includes a comprehensive array of connectivity peripherals, ADCs, and DACs, with optional extensions tailored for automotive and military sectors

sales enquiry

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