Interconnect Fabrics

Empowering embedded systems with efficient interconnect fabrics and components for seamless communication. Tailored solutions ensure high-performance, low-power, and cost-effective SoCs, with customizable options for interconnect topologies and protocol converters. Each interconnect offers highly configurable parameters for building fully customized networks. Additionally, high-performance bridges facilitate protocol translation. 

Interconnect protocols

APB, AHB, AXI4, AXI4-lite, Tile Link

NOC topologies

Bus, Crossbar, Mesh, Tree, SMP support


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Fortify your digital systems with InCore’s hardware security accelerators, ensuring confidence in data security. Implementing cryptographic algorithms in hardware enhances performance and enables provable security guarantees against various attacks. InCore offers hardware accelerators for common cryptographic algorithms, featuring multiple tuned variants for performance, area, and enhanced security.

Crypto IPs

AES, SHA, RSA, ECC, PRESENT, Bignum, OTP controller

Security solutions

Secure boot, Secure Key storage, Secure memory, Tamper


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Boost the performance of embedded systems with our pre-built and customizable compute accelerators for varied workloads.

Our accelerator design methodology:

  • Custom Instruction Set Extensions: Tailor RISC-V cores with custom instructions to enable seamless interaction and optimized performance between the core and the accelerator.
  • Co-processor Integration: Integrate accelerators as co-processors, allowing parallel processing and boosting system performance.
  • Memory-mapped I/O: Connect accelerators as peripherals using memory-mapped I/O, simplifying integration and providing flexibility in system configurations.

All accelerators

AI/ML - Integer Vector, DSP, Matrix accelerator (coming soon)
Specialised accelerators – DSP, Bit Manip


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Highly configurable and essential UnCore IPs for your RISC-V SoC.

Trace, Debug, PMU, CLINT, PLIC, Adv-PLIC

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